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Come on in...

Do you smell the bread just out of my hearth oven? Come taste my latest pastry creation. What do you think of this experiment?


When you enter Cathy’s Breads, you join a community of folks who share a passion for delicious and beautiful baked goods, artisan-style breads and fine crafted sweets, using locally sourced organic flours, natural ingredients, and time-honored methods.

Take a moment to look around my bakery while you figure out what you're hungry for.

And as always, thank you for your business and support!


Weekly Menu

A new menu featuring a variety of Cathy's breads and sweets is posted each Saturday morning during the school year.


Sweet Rewards

If you order often, Cathy offers free loaves and sweet treats for her regulars. Check it out.


About Cathy's Breads

Learn about Cathy’s progression from dabbler to passionate experimenter.

“For Heaven’s sake, we live in the midst of wheat fields. We should be eating real bread, made with local wheat, with recognizable ingredients, and minimal processing. And it should be amazingly delicious!”

Cathy Drabkin
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