Mississippi Mud Cake (Two sizes; opt. Pecans)

Mississippi Mud Cake (Two sizes; opt. Pecans)


This retro Southern dessert features a rich buttermilk chocolate cake, a layer of toasted marshmallows, a fudgy chocolate icing which is poured warm over the marshmallow layer, and a general scattering of toasted pecans on top (optional but recommended).  Rich, sweet, gooey, chocolately! Sure to put a smile on kids' faces, and more than a few adults', remembering treats from their childhood. Would make a great addition to a graduation party buffet (more interesting than the ubiquitous yellow cake with school colors icing)! Available with pecans, half-pecans, or no pecans, and in two sizes.

  • Ingredients

    sugar, flour, butter, confectioners sugar, marshmallows, cocoa, (pecans),   buttermilk, milk, vanilla, baking soda, salt, espresso powder

  • Quantity

    8" Square Pan, 1.75" thick--9-16 servings (about 35oz)

    9x13" Rectangular Pan, 2" thick--18-30 servings (about 80 oz)